Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The "Boobs F#gg#t" Company

Have you ever wondered about this blog's tagline "IT'S A TRAIN WRECK!" ?

Besides being a joke about this blog being the aftermath of a certain other blog, the line also has a double meaning: its voicing my opinion about my creative works as a whole.

Now, that's not to be mistaken (YET AGAIN) that I hate all my creative works or I hate myself or something that basically translates into "omg riccy why are you always hating yourself so much"

I get it I'm bad at modesty k

Anyway, that topics something more suited for PTE. Here we talk about Ric-Olzow. Or is it Ric Olzow without the dash? Or is it Ric Olzow Company? Or is it Riccion? Or is it Eric Riccy? Or is it-
you're beginning to see why I call it a 'Train Wreck'. I've created and created with absolutely no organization. Now finally I'm noticing and well..it's a train wreck.

From what I gather, my creative work can be divided into the following 'groups':
-Jenny Series
-Business Penguin
-Paper Train Express

 And on occasion:
-Ric Olzow "Music"

The games/movie in the Jenny series all have a continued boob joke, which has translated to making them only about boobs. (Also Jenny's show and game are copyright bans waiting to happen)
Business Penguin Episodes all contain BP saying 'Faggot' Alot. As well, they're a copyright ban waiting to happen.
Winnippeggers is infamous for it's low quality and for having the reputation of being something 'I make when I'm depressed'.
Paper Train Express is fine.
Animanga-R is a once written too-large-to-fix not-worth-editing giantess pit of acclaim and one-time success. Basically, it's too difficult to rewrite, too difficult to recreate, too difficult to do anything but store it.
Ric Olzow "Music". That is all. (At least I have no copyright bans to worry with it)
And FNWER was infamous but it held quality like PTE.

Based off the fact that the main thing I'd say are attributed to the "Ric Olzow" (or whatever) name are Jenny and Business Penguin, it's fair to say the current reputation of my stuff is just boobs and the word faggot.
I'm not exactly proud of THAT.

I'm proud I made a full scale (though too difficult and too long) quiz game, a dress-up game that bites the status quo, and...proud? I made a game/movie? that defies expectations?
I still don't even know what to with Jenny's Show.

Business Penguin...Well that requires a bit of back story. It was something PJ and I made, though I'm certain at this point that PJ's disconnected himself from the project completely. He wanted to make his own version of Ackbar, which upon watching you'll be able to clearly see how BP was inspired by it.
Now I have (theoretical) full rights on the fates of BP, I get to decide if I wanna just pull it from the internet or re-do it or just leave it or what. I can see if I re-did it the creative potential in it, but also I might kill it even worse by re-doing it. (which would be a lot of wasted time and effort that I could be using to make less terrible things.) I could also just try delete it but I'm not sure if that's a good move either.  Or I could leave it and wait for the inevitable copyright ban. (Though it ain't on youtube so it could take awhile...also I don't wanna get sued)
A certain someone has pitched to me to re-do it, but take out the 'faggot' crap, and to alter the characters enough so that they might pass for 'parody', (which i believe is clear then, weo weo loopholes) which sounds like a solid plan and I may attempt, but then also hoping that the above reasoning doesn't happen. (where I accidentally ruin it forever)
As for how proud I am of BP? meh.
PJ's fault. Unless it's successful. Then it was me all along ;-)

Winnippeggers was a joke comic that I took too seriously then didn't then did and the fact it has it's own webpage is nothing short of a joke gone waaaaay too far. Do I delete it? Do I start over? Do I continue and try to improve it? Do I just leave it? So many decisions over nothing. Or is it nothing? Could it come back to haunt me one day? Questions, questions.

Now if you've managed to make it this far in reading then kudos, because Ric-Olzow crap is also considered boring and difficult to read. Most of these posts are always 'I'm maybe making stuff!' and 'I tried it sucked the end' and 'here's jabber about things that are only relevant to me'. This blog exists for that reason, these were brought here to improve PTE.
Yes I am aware of these things. And It's a Train Wreck.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The fact I'm making this post means something interesting happened. I mean, this post is 36 years early.

I made a new, complete and finished game. I've had it tested just as JQ was.
However, I've hit a new sort of snag.

I've been advised to not upload the game, due to it so bare bones that its considered now a 'Prototype'. I was told the concept is quite interesting, and with luck and a bit of skill could actually be ROC's breakout game.
However, that's a lot of pressure and a lot of hope riding on one experimental game.
The tweaks it requires also are at or above my knowledge at this point, and based on some touch ups I've tried before, I'm more likely to break the entire game than fix it. This means I may have to make a new version and just carry over what I can get working and mix it with new things and see how far I get without everything getting messy.
Basically, this game stays on the drawing board, for more experimenting.

I'd like to get more creative projects whipped out and have more finished projects under my belt, but it seems the more I do stuff the more it seems either I need to spend longer on something better or I do what I've already done and just plateau like a one trick pony.

Damn this hobby.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Running down a dream

I'm not dead!! (Or have I always been saying "we"? ROC is a one man operation really...)

Since December I've hit wall after wall. Whatever magic momentum I had for making JQ and the prior flashes I've never been able to find again. I dunno if it's my pacing or if I just have a problem of picking too big projects to work on. (Or if I just daunt myself into not even wanting to try to finish em...)
I've tried smaller ones too and I always find myself thinking the small stuff isn't worthwhile.

So I hit a crossroad. The obvious answer is to go bigger than small and smaller than big. But I also have figured out that I need to take things more slowly. I tend to JUMP into whatever new project, trying to get as much organized as possible as fast as I can.
That hasn't been working.

I've started just doing schoolesque "Proof of concept" and trying to get different codes and things down. I was able to finally get 'Unlockable Levels' as seen here:

I'm at the point where anything I can produce is miracle. I won't stop, but I will probably get caught up and beaten down and post in like half a year from now saying I'm making progress of some regard.

If anything interesting happens or I actually make something before 2050 I'll post it.

also if the flash doesn't work link is here: http://www.swfcabin.com/open/1404771584