Saturday, 2 March 2013

The confusion that is Ric-Olzow

It's been a solid while since I've had time to sit down and look at all my old work.

And the first thing I'll say is, wow, its actually all kinda non-nonsensical and random. And interlaced with perversity.
All classic me, but one thing I do notice is the 3 Jenny games (Show, Game, Quiz) did actually show signs of improvement over time. I also notice that I really don't have much content out.

In terms of project ADOH, despite all the amount of hyping and researching and planning and everything that that project had going for it, it's actually been now 'shelved', in that I really have no drive to work on it anymore since coding issues have left it too buggy to make proper. I could go through all the pain of trying to learn all the coding to make it not buggy, but I'd rather toy with other ideas in the meantime.

One of many ideas is the fact that all the games I've made thus far have centered around Jenny, which is making me think that my next game project, if I do end up doing one, should not center around Riccy, like ADOH planned to, but rather center around Jenny somehow. Titles like 'Jenny's Quest' and 'Jenny's Quiz 2' have been ideas I've toyed with, I can't say what the next project is going to be because I have no idea myself. Nor am I even sure I'll be able to find the time.

But to put a long story short, Ric-Olzow is a mess of an idea, which is why I've been having trouble producing and publishing content. That and the lack of free time thing.

I shall shift my focus to Jenny.