Friday, 16 November 2012

Small things make brighter future for Ric-Olzow

As of today, I have finally figured out how to correctly export flash movies as .mov files, and have them correctly upload to youtube. This means that the potential to output content rises dramatically, as anything I make in flash now is no longer limited to websites with .swf capability.
This also means that ideas for trailers and teasers for project ADOH are now more than possible, as there's nothing technologically/skill-wise holding me back, it'd just be a matter of finding time and inspiration.

Also, I made a little something something for the last project, Jenny's Quiz. A long needed Answer Key should make it so that people can actually finish the game if they want, so that they don't see the first 2 minutes of the game and give up. That being said, the key is long, so they might see that and just give up anyway...but the point is, the key is there!

More project ADOH jabber coming soon!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

PTE Goes Purple To Promote Project ADOH

If that tongue twister of a title hasn't got you caught up, then you should read on to find out exactly what's "going on" with The Paper Train Express.

Basically what I usually refer to now as "ruining PTE" has taken place yet again. Another shenanigan which changes key parts of the blog temporarily (or in some cases permanently) has been done, though this one has been done for a more serious reason than those done in the past. (Which have been done out of boredom.)

Purple PTE, Postings by "Amy Raasolae" and subsequent other silliness is meant to a) note the occurrence of 'Amy Day' (November 22, which the relevance of that date is actually that it is the day Amy Raasolae was created (back in 2010). Though the data proving that is lost...)
and more importantly b) be a promotional stunt for Project ADOH, the "next JQ" which has gotten as far as a complete title screen (which some thought as unimpressive, hence this stunt), and is now undergoing level testing to get the major pieces of the game finalized so level creation/true game creation can begin.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me here.